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Consider buying a sex robot

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Consider buying a sex robot

In the early days of Real Sex Dolls, the best thing you could hope for was a woman’s fuzzy-shaped plastic inflatable with some kind of dent in which your child could run the sharpest gloves. As men, especially young men, our ubiquitous sexual desire is really not ready to accept such a bad alternative, so pioneers around the world began to use their creative genius for the most real male task-to rebuild singles The purpose of shaping women’s satisfying sexual satisfaction…yes! Before you ask, I want to attribute modernity dolls to the creative genius of all men!

Many people wonder if robots will replace women

So we started looking for softer and more realistic materials when lubricating and penetrating. I’m not talking about those of you who used to like to eat fruits like melons, or use rubber gloves or other household items to make the most extravagant works. I’m talking about soft plastic materials, such as silicone, and then more modern elastic rubber.

Sexpuppen kaufen 166cm E-Cup

A few years later, we realized that if honeypots are made of soft materials, why not use them to make whole dolls, which gave birth to modern silicone and TPE Sexpuppen. You would think that at this time we would take a step back, marvel at our creation, and rejoice like criminals imprisoned by mistake. Don’t we? We sat for a few more years and asked everyone if we could actually use them. We solicited the opinions and permission of our compatriots. Well, we should all know by now that asking for forgiveness is better than asking for permission, because any time you ask for (or in this case) permission, you will get a firm rejection!

As men, we can not only judge the sexual desire of other men, but also our own sexual desire. Considering that we have been humiliated from the day we first masturbated, the mother or sister hinted (or declared directly in the worst case) that we were dirty little bastards, because this is such a sensitive issue for us , This is really not surprising, we believe them.

Then, a few of us, a few brave people began to stand up. We have established shops, communities, and safe harbors for men to increase their confidence. We began to appear on television, radio and newspapers. We accepted the initial ridicule, until more of us began to accept and realized that this was not a bad idea, and soon the universal message began to fill our hearts: don’t be ashamed! Be proud of your sexuality, your sex doll, your masturbator, your penis, and show them off in front of the world.

So here we are, it has already happened, the most important revolution in human history-we have begun to accept our sexual behavior. We have started to waver and really put the cat among the pigeons. We recreated the feminine form so that we can use it in the way and when needed. We are no longer slaves to the whims, intellectual games, and control of those who use our drive for themselves. We can finally live the life we ​​want.

We are now at a crossroads, and where we go from here is up to you. We can completely abandon women and share with our dolls, or we can simply accept that men are not powerless in today’s society. We can now easily replace women. Before anyone talks about love, emotions, and interactions, let me tell you more about Sexpuppen, because what started out is just a simple place where the wicks become more.

C-Cup Kleine Brüste Sex Doll

Compared to women

Many men now have fully mature relationships with their dolls. No, they are not crazy, but talking to their inanimate partners. They are only establishing a spiritual and emotional relationship with the female part of the brain. They feel sincere feelings about something/someone that won’t nag them often, cause daily problems, and won’t deceive them. A person who is always there makes them both powerful and vulnerable. It’s very simple, a person who doesn’t try to control and manipulate them with every fiber they exist.

The psychology they create around dolls brings other great and positive qualities of women, their ability to nurture and love. Their kindness and lack of judgment made us feel short-lived when we were young, but once we started to mature, these were left behind. This is the kind of feeling that we all yearn for almost returning to the womb to be hatched by love.

Love Doll and sex robots can provide us with these. They can provide those of us who need it with the time, care and freedom we need to grow and prosper today. There is no doubt that they are becoming more and more popular. If you have an aggressive opponent who is negligent and only fights for themselves, then this is a very real, affordable and practical choice.

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