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Sex doll buyer’s guide

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Sex doll buyer’s guide

There are a few things to consider when buying sex dolls. First, you need to consider whether you really should buy it.

The real doll billig only appeared in the blasting variety. These are like flat-packed human-shaped beach balls, and you can blow them up to look like a woman. Some creative people began to want more things, and began to overclock to store mannequins and add rubber vaginas to them. Then at some point, some smart people thought of the idea of ​​making dolls with silicone, and the doll industry was really born. Since then, a lot of innovations and a lot of materials have appeared, where you can buy your plastic partners.

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Inflatable dolls are very cheap and easy to store. However, physical reality is directly proportional to price. In short, you know you are messing up. However, you can close your eyes and perform physical exercises (grinding) for sex, and masturbation or sex toys are indeed more satisfying. There are also some upgrades that can be used for inflation, such as silicone head, hands, feet and vagina to increase fun.

Ragdolls are another relatively new world of dolls. They are actually giant female teddy bears. There are several companies manufacturing these in China and the United States. They range from cartoons and strange things to very realistic things. Again, the advantage of these is that they are very light, and at least for some of them, they look great. In a sense, they also combine the side of hugging teddy bears, as well as the companionship and sexual abilities of women. Again, these are more niche than other markets, but they seem to have a core following.

When Chinese companies tried to replicate expensive Silikonpuppen with cheaper materials, TPE dolls directly followed the healing of silicone dolls. These are the most popular types of dolls on the market, and may surpass silicone dolls by a ratio of 50 to 1. Their advantage is that they are very realistic in appearance and feel. Compared with silicone, the softness of TPE materials makes them more suitable for sexual intercourse tasks because they feel softer and feel more comfortable to the touch. The disadvantage is that they can’t fully maintain the level of detail of silicone dolls, and they are not so wear-resistant, that is, they are more prone to damage.

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Many people classify silicone dolls as the pinnacle of the industry, but for the reasons mentioned above, they are actually not that good for sale. They are harder than TPE Love Doll, but in fact the level of detail they can maintain looks much better. The problem is that TPE dolls have such a high level of authenticity that many people believe that the extra benefits of silicone are not worth the extra hardness and price tag. Yes, they are usually more expensive than their TPE counterparts. This is because silicone is more expensive than TPE as a material.

Therefore, in each material, you will usually see a huge difference in the price range, which is usually directly related to the quality of the material. This will affect the feel and duration of the touch. Another factor is that more expensive repairs are easier.

Can you afford/how much are you willing to pay

The next thing you have to consider is your budget. For this, you will be in one of two camps-you either have a certain amount of money to spend, or you have enough money, but you need to decide how much you want to spend.

The most practical way to do this is to make some preliminary small purchases. For example, you can buy an inflatable Lebensechte Sexpuppen to see if the concept works for you, or you can buy a sex doll vagina and see if you like the TPE experience.

If you have decided on the material you want, then you need to decide whether you want a low-end version or a high-end version of the product.

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